We only hire the most talented professionals at the very top of their fields. We believe that anyone can make a difference and treat our people accordingly. We invest in creating a cool and fun work environment. We enjoy “happy hours”, fun days, celebrating holidays and just having lunch together. We tackle some of the fascinating technological challenges in SW & HW engineering, computer vision, distributed computing and more… If you’re up to the challenge – you belong here! Don’t worry about the trivial stuff. Our team leaders are here to enable you to do your job as smoothly as possible. You know what you’re doing, we know that. Our team members are treated like the top-notch professionals that they are.

Below is the list of our current openings. If you feel suitable for this then you can fill the form with your details.

1. Requirement For Marketing Managers/Executives

Job Description



We recently incorporated as a Pvt. Ltd. company and wish to expand our business. So the candidates should be energetic, enthusiastic and self-motivated. This job is a totally target oriented job, so if you are not confident enough to achieve the target, then this job is not suitable for you.

Job Role

  • Lead Generation.
  • Build Customer Relationship.
  • Closing the Deal.
  • Creating presentation & able to demonstrate in front of clients to make a sale.

Candidate Should be

  • A team player, but can work independently and able to hit the personal target.
  • Fluent in Hindi & Bengali (Fluency in English will be an advantage)
  • Flexible enough to work in extra hours.
  • Ambitious to increase self-value, while providing value to the company.
  • Knowledgeable about internet, software technologies and the latest trend in the industry.

The salary for the job is starting at Rs. 9,000/- per Month.(Basic Rs. 7,000/- + Rs. 2,000/- for Travelling Allowance and Phone Charges). This is a target based job. So after achieving the target, you will be eligible to get an incentive in every Sale.

Candidates having two wheelers & laptop will be having an advantage for the job.

Experienced and Freshers both are welcomed.

Minimum Qualification: 10+2



Job Type: Full-time

Salary: ₹9,000.00 /month


2. Business Development Manager (BDM)

Job Description

As the BD Manager, you will be responsible for identifying opportunities, evaluating its fit with the company vision, negotiating and closing deals. You may have a team of Business Development Executives reporting to you.

Manager of Business Development Job description & responsibilities
You will carry out market research through industry contacts, publications, trade events, news to identify ideas for growth
You will reach out directly or through partners to target prospective business deals
You will filter out high potential deals by analysing business strategies, opportunity requirements / pre-requisites / financials, and internal priorities
You will design the best negotiating strategies by considering the risks and rewards, and keeping in mind the counter-parties preferences & goals
You will lead the negotiation to close the deal and draw in resources from within the company to make it happen
You will manage all contractual requirements and align the end result with the company’s internal operations and capabilities
You will constantly keep upgrading your business development techniques, and help in enhancing the company knowledge base by participating in training and educational initiatives
As the face of the organisation, you will also help in building the brand of the company in the industry, vendor and customer community.

Head of Business Development Job Description
Reporting to: Chief Operating Officer (COO) or Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
As the Head of Business Development, you will have a team of BD managers reporting to you. Apart from operational tasks (which we’ll skip in the description below for brevity), the senior role gives you additional responsibilities of a strategic nature.

Head of business development role/responsibilities

  • You will help in developing and adapting the company vision to the changing business environment
  • You will help in defining the company goals for the short/medium and long-term
  • You will coordinate with other divisional heads to implement these corporate goals
  • You’ll create the annual business development budget in compliance with the company policy and ethical/corporate governance framework and present it to the board for approval
  • You will help in disseminating the executive management’s vision and goals among the operational and supporting teams
  • You’ll work with the Marketing department to ensure that the marketing and branding initiatives are efficient and effective
  • You will develop and build a competitive business development team consisting of managers and executives
  • You will be responsible for maintaining strong relationships with the internal staff, external stakeholders (partners, officials, regulators)

General Skills for Business Development Roles
Industry knowledge, networking skills, marketing/sales orientation, appreciation of customer needs, high energy levels, ability to meet sales targets, communication & presentation skills, Researching & Prospecting skills, the sound understanding of business principles.

Educational qualification for Business Development Roles
This is one field where your basic qualifications are less relevant compared to your ability to ‘seal the deal’. The barriers to entry are minimal.
For junior roles, almost anyone with a graduation degree (some employers might skip that too), a presentable personality and street smarts can get in. However, for senior roles that go beyond sales, an understanding of the wider business practices is important.
An educational background in business, accounting and economics would be appreciated by employers.
A top MBA can help you break the glass ceiling and open up doors to senior management level jobs.

Business Development Salaries
The compensation usually follows a Base Salary + Commission structure. As lower levels, this isn’t much. There’s too much legwork (i.e. pure sales) but the incentives aren’t usually in proportion. As you get into the management grade (which generally need a significant amount of on-the-ground experience or a top MBA or both), the base salary, as well as the commission ranges, go up.

Job Type: Commission

Salary: ₹360,000.00 /year