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Web Development in Kolkata

The story of Medust has been that of the Midas story of turning dust into gold. Established in the year 2010 and registered as a private limited company in the year 2017, Medust Technology Pvt. Ltd. has achieved the most significant of the awards – satisfying its customers. With a 360 degree web solution service, this is no mean achievement. Every individual has his own needs and when those needs demand services in sectors spanning from customer software development to web hosting and web designing, it asks for even more challenge.

But at Medust Technolgy Pvt. Ltd. (Formerly known as Medust Solution), every challenge inspires us. The urge to excel has never left us. The journey of Medust started with just one person and one computer. But, there was the greater dream to reach millions, to serve them and to set a new benchmark for the industry. Today, we have a team of graphics designers, developers, and content writers who have years of experience to backup their expertise.

Today, we boast of the most comprehensive customer solution services starting from web hosting to advertising and portal services. And all of it, we take with utmost care. At Medust, we look forward to provide with quality service at an affordable price. And we are not ready to compromise with any of them.

The success of Medust has been the success of a dream – a dream that has been, right from the beginning, to change the world to a better place. So, if you dream big, if you want to change the way the world thinks, you will find us sharing the same ambition. Partner with us to and together we can make your dream come true.

To be a successful pillar of strength and excellence on which the world leans, trusts and relies for technology, distribution, marketing and connectivity product solutions and services.
We invest in our people to provide best breed services and solutions for our customers.
  • Respect within the organization and for our customers
  • Honest, fair and positive approach
  • Social awareness
  • High standards in our products and services

… while enhancing shareholder value

We Provide Solution

  • Web & Software
  • Education
  • Advertising
  • Online Gaming