Best Practices to become an SEO Expert

SEO Expert

SEO stands for Search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is making practice or trying to rank your content higher in search engines. To rank higher you need to do certain tasks these tasks include make changes to your website and getting connections means links from other websites. These are practices that make you a better SEO expert.

The more human readable URL, the better

An easy URL is to read for humans, the better it is for search engines to understand your content. You must avoid words those have no meanings or have special characters in URL. You must know only the small part of content is visible in the search results so make the better use of it and make it human friendly. A human friendly URL is search engine friendly too.


Page loading time matters

If you are an SEO guy you must take care of site speed while optimizing your website. The more load time of your website, you will lose rank. Google and other search engines give higher rating to the site those have load time less than 3 seconds. Google search engines self has less than half second load time.

Make your site mobile responsive

Mobile responsiveness is the need of modern time. It is the integral part of today’s SEO practice as it makes sure your site looks fine even on any device or any size of display. If visitors leave your site due to odd looks on viewing on mobile device it is not a good practice. Today most of the traffic comes from mobile devices and it is more than the traffic from desktop devices.

Use HTML markups properly to your site

HTML markup must be used perfectly. Errors in markup create obstacles in search engines bots to read your website. This creates unnecessary delays in rendering content as well as if rendered it may not be delivered properly. An SEO expert must know to deal with markup issues.

Link building still a good idea

Link building is heart of Seo practice. You must know SEO is divided in two broad categories, one is on-page and second is off-page. On-page deals with working on the content self and off-page means to push up your webpage on search engine ranking. This is done by making back links to your content. Thus to become an good SEO expert, you must know to build quality back links to your content to get higher search rankings.

Know your audience and competitors

Write content that is useful as well as attract your customer’s interest. Your visitors must read your page till the end. Your must know the skills to engage more and more visitors to your content. Make appealing headlines, sub headings and use text decoration where ever you think is appropriate. SEO is nothing without knowing your competitors. You must keep an eye on your competitor’s strategy, how they are getting rank. Follow and steal the back links and make your position strong in SEP.

Thus if you follow these practices sure you will get good ranks in search engines. SEO is never hard but it is always trick and needs regular practice.

12 thoughts on “Best Practices to become an SEO Expert

  1. That’s great post. i have used all these ideas but still not get my keywords rank. Can you tell me is it posting article still helpful to get ranking?

    1. Yes, definitely it is still helpful and will be but as there is huge competition in the market and still growing day by day, you should also improve with your content. Provide much more information in it and provide reference links to validate those facts. There are lots of factor you have to keep in mind. Check out this blog post what digital marketing king Neil Patel have to say about this kind of issue.

  2. Thanks for these tips debnath. These tips will surely help me to get rank my website. I want to know that How to do link building in effective ways? Can you help me ?

  3. Hi pradeep sir,
    Awesome article it’s really helpful for newbies bloggers.
    I recently started my blog and implement all the points as you mentioned in this article.
    But my site’s alexa rank not showing.
    Help me sir !

  4. Hello
    Great article friend but i want your help.
    my website not get organic traffic what to do?
    Help me please

    1. It depends upon the daily website traffic and your impact on your readers. There are many sites to tell you the worth of a website but they are not accurate or not at all close to the proper answer. If your site is generating leads or revenue by showing various ads on it and you are getting paid from it, then it is worthy.

  5. very nice list and inspirational. Really nice list and these bloggers are inspiration for every new blogger… Well salute to all of them..

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