Business Startup Advice in 3 Words

Startup advice in 3 words

Isn’t it really irritating when people give you so many advices for your business startups which is confusing and complicated? I have found the simplest is the best advice ever. So, here with reference from Neil Patel’s Blog I am going to give you business advice in 3 words.

1. Pick founders carefully. [tweet]

2. Learn from mistakes. [tweet]

3. Time is money. [tweet]

4. Emotions are bad. [tweet]

5. Nothing is perfect. [tweet]

6. Encourage diverse thinking. [tweet]

7. Write a blog. [tweet]

8. Hire hungry employees. [tweet]

9. Hire employees slowly. [tweet]

10. Fire bad employee. [tweet]

11. Decide with data. [tweet]

12. Improve product daily. [tweet]

13. Say “NO” often. [tweet]

14. Never stop networking. [tweet]

15. Don’t be shy. [tweet]

16. Entrepreneurs aren’t born. [tweet]

17. Take big risks. [tweet]

18. Believe in yourself. [tweet]

19. Build a brand. [tweet]

20. Use your product. [tweet]

21. Have smart friends. [tweet]

22. Market your company. [tweet]

23. Don’t be afraid. [tweet]

24. Don’t give up.[tweet]

25. Innovation is good. [tweet]

26. Live your vision. [tweet]

27. Take a break. [tweet]

28. Listen to customers. [tweet]

29. Reward early adopters. [tweet]

30. Share the experience. [tweet]

31. Trust but verify. [tweet]

32. Ask for feedback. [tweet]

33. Chase your dreams. [tweet]

34. Listen before talking. [tweet]

35. Watch every penny. [tweet]

36. Failure is acceptable. [tweet]

37. Business plan sucks. [tweet]

38. Just be yourself. [tweet]

39. Invest in yourself. [tweet]

40. Lead by example. [tweet]

41. Never being satisfied. [tweet]

42. Always think ahead. [tweet]

43. Keep it simple. [tweet]

44. Never loose hope. [tweet]

45. Compete with yourself. [tweet]

46. Never make excuses. [tweet]

47. Always give credit. [tweet]

48. Use your strengths. [tweet]

49. Never stop improving. [tweet]

50. Focus on goal. [tweet]

So what other triplets are running on your head?

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