Six Apps That Let You Manage SEO While Travelling

Manage SEO while Travelling

Over the years, the internet has evolved from being just a source of information to being an avenue for businesses to grow. This is thanks to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which allows relevant information to be accessed faster and easily.

SEO has advanced so much that apps to help business improve and manage SEO have now emerged. What’s even better is that these apps can be used while still travelling.

Some of the best apps for managing SEO while travelling include:

Google AdSense

A product from Google, it’s one of the oldest SEO apps as well as the best for managing SEO. The app is completely free and can be downloaded to a computer and phones. This is despite the fact that it offers quite a list of helpful features to help manage SEO. Performance metrics for one’s campaigns is one of the most impressive features of this app.


If not travelling with your computer, then you need Evernote. It works on Android and iOS platforms and is user friendly. The app is a documentation that marketers use for recording marketing ideas and lead generation. This is a good app for business owners who don’t carry computers while travelling.

WebPage Rank SEO

This is another SEO app that can help those who are constantly travelling but need to track their SEO. It works more or less like Google Page rank and can therefore help analyze a firm’s current SEO ranking as well as analyze websites cum blogs in depth.


With the social media becoming a popular marketing platform, and with Instagram’s increased popularity, this is the perfect tool to help you reap from your SEO efforts. Basically, Statigram does all the analysis and the results from these analysis are very helpful when developing marketing strategies to use on Instagram.

SEO Automatic

It’s also a free app that lets users create reports for a given webpage. Once this is done, the user doesn’t have to scrape keywords, headlines, and title and description tags. SEO Automatic does it all!


This app is unlike most of the other SEO applications. It can be utilized as a keyword research tool to provide users with important information such as highest price for pay-per-click, most used keywords and competition estimates for given keywords just to name a few. It’s compatible with Android operating system.
Other highly ranked SEO apps that can be of help during travels include;


It’s a free app from Google Play and provides useful information from popular sites including YouTube channels, Tumblr and RSS feeds.


For those who are constantly forgetting about goals or appointments or deadlines, this is the best app. It will keep reminding and as such you’ll be able to reap satisfying results from your efforts to improve your SEO while travelling.


It’s really an SEO app but lets you share files virtually. This is very important as you’ll be able to share files with workers back at the office as well as spare you the inconvenience of having to travel with files in a bag.

Travelling and effective SEO management are two things that can be compatible if one knows the applications to download. With most of the apps listed above being free, one needn’t worry about additional costs. If travelling, be sure to download any of the above apps to enable you to manage SEO comfortably.

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Amber Rosh is a Guest Blogger, living in Manchester UK. She works for a leading SEO Service, she writes on behalf of Esta. She is a travel freak and loves to share her experiences through blogging.

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