Top 10 Latest Web Design Trends to Follow

Latest Web Design Trends

As a web designer, as a developer, you probably visits thousands of websites each month to get the knowledge of good design and what is possible with new technologies.

The W3C standard page is constantly expanding, growing and flourishing; due to the fact that the community is so involved with the development of the web, which means that we’re constantly seeing new design trends being introduced to the masses.

Now, here I am going to introduce you to 10 latest web design trends that we are going to see in most of the websites will follow.

1. Flat UI:


Flat UI is a combination of simple, but interactive design concept, which use smooth colors and bring the happiness and life to the website and web application. Apple introduced flat UI design on their latest iOS 7 software update, Microsoft has been developing Metro UI for a fairly long time now.

I do believe that flat is going to just keep growing, and manage to be at top web design trends for next few years.

2. Responsive Web Design:

Responsive Web Design

This is a design concept which is there for a couple of years now, and it is expanding day by day as there is no other alternative for mobile device compatibility. As mobile device and Smartphone making their presence hugely and people now mostly surf internet on mobile devices rather than any desktop, it is become very essential to follow responsive web design trend.

3. Minimalism:

Minimalist Design

We looked at flat already, which enables us to think of minimalism as simple design, only without all the fancy colors. Simple web design has been emerging already, and one of the main reasons for that is the huge emphasis that is being put on content, and nothing else but content.

Straight to the point web design is going to be the future, people will not spend more than a minute to find something that has been hidden behind the garbage cans.

4. Video Content:

Video Background Content

Now-a-days rich, interactive media like video content is become easy to access and cheap to produce. So now users will more likely to see information through videos rather than text format. Also it is being very effective when it comes to introducing a business (or yourself) to the world.

This also goes for stuff like video backgrounds, take a look at this Spotify page and tell us you don’t want to go work on something similar right now.

5. Branded Typography:

Branded Typography

Fonts have evolved in the past couple of years, and with services like Google Fonts offering hundreds of fonts to choose from at no cost, there is definitely a trend setting for designers to use more personal and brandable fonts to get their message across.

“Brandable” fonts mean only one thing, the website using them is trying to get a message across that they’re independent, and do not depend on other’s opinion to run their business, it’s a strong message at that.

6. One-Page Scrolling:

One Page Scrolling

In this trend you can serve all of your website content in a single page, with long vertical scroll. This is another approach to make user curious about your content and make it more interactive and live.

This is already showing signs in the web design community, and we’re constantly running into a business that takes the full advantage of this. One of our clients already benefitted with this design trend, have a look at this you will get a clear view about this web design trend.

7. Fixed Navigation:

Fixed Navigation

Fixed navbar is a useful thing for a website, which may contain search, social media, shopping cart option. It makes the experience more accessible and seamless. So many websites now using this trend and we will be seeing a lot of advancement in this field in the near future.

It’s hard to display this as an example in a snapshot, so please bare with me and take a look at this page to see the full example. Fixed navigation has been emerging quickly, there are a lot of creative uses to it.

8. Compact Sidebars:

Gone are the days for the need to display a sidebar on every single page. Now, we are able to focus more on the full-width content of pages and have widgets like sidebars scroll-out from the side of the page when needed.

It wouldn’t be possible without some JavaScript, or jQuery – but even then, it’s quite simple to implement and it gives you more website space to work with.

9. Parallax:

Parallax Scrolling

Parallax is a displacement or difference in the apparent position of an object viewed along two different lines of sight, and is measured by the angle or semi-angle of inclination between those two lines.

Some might think this falls under the one-page scrolling headline, but I  do believe that there are plenty of websites that prefer single parallax images to capture the attention only one time. Parallax has been evolving, and will continue to do so in 2014.

10.       SVG Animation:

SVG Animation

Scalable Vector Graphics have been around for a while, but only now are making significant progress as more professional web designers are starting to pay attention to it. SVG’s are easy to scale, they’re small in size and as of late – a lot of JavaScript libraries are making appearance to make development easier and more efficient.

At Medust Solution, we believe in transparency and so we are closely following the latest web design trends that happen within the industry. We use latest technologies, concepts, methods and scripts for our projects.

Concept credits: teslathemes

Image credits: flatuitutorials, gregoirevella, codrops, spotify, myfonts, naikom

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