How a Good Design Matter in a Website

good website design

May be you are just starting out your business or may be restructuring and money is tight. In other case, you have a good budget for your business website and you are looking for a redesign. There are many companies that will tell you

You know what would be really cool?

Redesign your whole site. We’re cutting-edge web designers. We’ve designed stuff that’s won tons of design awards! Let’s take your boring site and totally reinvent it! Make it interactive!

Uhh!! May be NOT!

It’s a little wonder that SEO often come into conflict with web design or rather I say redesign.

There are lots of free website solutions out there, and, believe it or not, as a website design and development company we have no problem with it. Thanks to designers who is balancing between SEO and web design. So now I am going to tell you which things you need to remember when you need to design your new website or redesign the old one.

1. Know your audience

If your audiences are tree-huggers, they are not going to respond to a slick, corporate site. It is like wearing a suit to an interview for a pool-guy position – the image doesn’t fit the purpose.

Put yourself in the users shoes. What are their likes and dislikes? How old are they? What is their location? These are the some basics you need to keep in your mind.

2. First impression make difference

When your website is on the internet there is lot of chances that people are often landed on your website and they were driven to your website because of its content and content is all that matters. But consider when someone visits your website and find that it looks terrible and confusing. Is it be comfortable for them? NO. Because if someone is neither impressed nor understood that what you are offering, that person will never become your customer and when they close your website once, they will never come back.

3. KISS method

When you are making a decision for new design, go for the simple over the complex. With some simple design use some simple flat color set for the whole website and set a decent font for whole website. Also you can use and take the benefit of most recent design trend which is responsive design. This is an approach where design looks good and simple but fits into various devices. This approach is also SEO friendly.

4. Crawlability

If a website cannot be crawled, it is invisible to the search engines. So you must include a sitemap and make your navigation text based. No matter what some designer might say, navigation is not the place to get funky, it is the place to get simple.

5. Speed

Your website must load as fast as your visitors expect it to load. Speed is not important, speed is everything. It is too easy for a visitor to click back. If a website loads its full content much faster than yours, then there are more chances for that website to get high position in the search engines than yours.

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